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History dzuma baby story

History dzuma baby story Originally the Latin word pestis was one of the many general terms “plague” or “mass misery”, “destruction”. Only in the XV-XVI. They began to distinguish between different types of diseases that cause massive disease epidemic fatal. This word has a vague origin, it may be akin to Latin. perdo – “lost, destroyed, wasted,” Lat. perditus – “lost, incurable, hopeless.”
Protective clothing physician during the plague epidemic (Germany, the seventeenth century.)
There are disputes whether one of the first descriptions of epidemic given by Thucydides called. “Plague of Athens” in 430 BC It was actually plague (it is possible that it was typhoid, dengue, smallpox and hemorrhagic fever virus). From ancient times through the Middle Ages up to modern times is described dozens of major epidemics (most likely) the plague, also known as “Black Death” (from emerging extensive necro-zgorzelinowych in the skin, taking a dark color).
The largest of them swept up by the European countries in the mid-sixth century, the so-called. the plague of Justinian and in the years 1348-1352, and a few years later in China. This epidemic in some parts of the population has decreased by up to 80% of the population and caused far-reaching consequences of the demographic, cultural and social and political. The symbol of the plague has become a distinctive protective clothing worn in the sixteenth-eighteenth century. By doctors during the epidemic, with a mask in the shape of the beak, where he was put fragrant oils suppressing the stench of decomposing corpses. In addition to clothing, were protected against the plague also special antidotes: the most valuable of which was scabiosa, but also used Four Thieves Vinegar (wine vinegar, where for 12 days soaked mugwort wormwood, rue ordinary, rosemary, sage and other herbs containing essential oils with strong bactericidal properties) and “scabiosa poor” – garlic.
Bacterial agent that causes plague identified in 1894. Irrespective of the s
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